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ViMED - Biomebank

Collection of the grapevine-associated microbiome from major grapevine growing regions of the Mediterranean basin

ViMED - Biomebank: Benvenuto

ViMed-Biomebank include the characteristics of all microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, yeast, etc.) isolated from grapevine phyllo- and rhizo-sphere. ViMed-Biomebank serve as:
- A shared repository for all the partners of the project and will provide characterized microorganisms from Mediterranean grapevine ecological niches that will facilitate the completion of the related tasks
-  A reference point for future studies on grapevine microbial ecology in the Mediterranean area
- Facilitate and promote taxonomy and systematic studies on grapevine-associated microbiome.

ViMED - Biomebank: Testo

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