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Understanding Football Betting Odds: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading Odds

Reading football betting odds is made incredibly simple by the modern odds tables at bookmakers. Each betting lobby offers various types of main and side bets with similar formulas for calculating winnings, making it extremely easy to remember.

Depending on the type, there are specific strategies for football betting such as Asian handicap, European handicap, and sure soccer tips today 

 Explore the easiest guide on how to understand odds to place accurate bets.

Main Content:

Concept of Football Odds – Explaining Football Betting Odds

Football odds are the ratios that bookmakers provide for each match, predicting the final outcome. Players rely on this information to place bets, wagering on the team they think will win.

However, before learning how to read odds, players should take the opportunity to create a football betting account. You cannot engage in football betting without becoming a member of a bookmaker.

Reading football odds involves understanding the data provided by bookmakers in the odds table before and during the match. Understanding this data gives players a basis for predicting the outcome and score.

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Typically, the odds table includes both main and side bets. Main bets include full match handicap, first half handicap, total goals over/under for full match and first half, 1x2 full match and first half, and even/odd full match goals.

Teaching how to read football odds

Learning how to read football odds involves several steps:

However, almost all bettors overlook the even/odd bet because it's not as attractive. Check out more articles guiding how to analyze football odds with other interesting and valuable content here.

Side bets are more diverse, including correct score, fouls, corner kicks, penalties, three-way handicap, team to advance to the next round, etc. Depending on the nature of the match, bookmakers will suggest the most suitable bet types.

For beginners, understanding all the information in the odds table is not easy. You may need someone to guide you on how to accurately read football odds.

This is also why review websites and betting forums were created. The information available on these websites helps bettors understand more, as exemplified by the content in this article.

Information in the bookmakers' odds table

Basically, a bookmaker's odds table will include the following essential data:

  • Tournament: Matches in the same tournament are grouped together.

  • Match time: Including date and detailed time.

  • Names of the two participating teams: The home team is listed on top, the away team below. One team is highlighted in red according to the Asian handicap, called the favored team (usually stronger).

  • Full match handicap bet: Understanding how to read football odds must pay attention to this column because it is the main bet and relatively easy to win. Bookmakers provide the handicap odds for the favored team and the underdog for 90 minutes.

What is over/under betting in football for the entire match:

Bookmakers provide a predicted number of total goals scored in the entire match. Players analyze the odds and place bets on Over (o) or Under (u).

Explanation of the 1×2 full match odds:

Includes three options: home team wins, away team wins, or a draw. Some bookmakers also offer odds for home team win or draw, away team win or draw.

Even/odd for the full match:

Predict whether the total number of goals scored in the match is even or odd.

First half handicap bet, first half over/under, 1×2 first half:

Similar to the full match bets.

What is live betting in football:

How to play when the match is ongoing provides a significant advantage.

Illustrative odds table

The Most Basic Way to Read Football Odds

As shared, there are three main types of bets offered in a bookmaker's odds table. Players need to understand this information to predict outcomes accurately.

Guidelines on how to interpret football odds for handicap betting, 1×2 betting, over/under betting are as follows:

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How to interpret Asian handicap odds:

Handicap betting predicts the difference in goals between the two teams. The stronger team is chosen as the favored team, and they will give a certain handicap (provided by the bookmaker) to the weaker team, the underdog.

When learning how to read handicap odds in football, pay attention to the following information:

  • Match time: Helps in organizing odds analysis and tracking.

  • Names of the participating teams: The team on top is the home team, the one below is the away team. The favored team will be highlighted in red, which can be either the home or away team depending on their advantage.

  • Handicap odds: Presented as decimal numbers or with a slash in between. For example, a handicap of 1 is written as 1.0, a handicap of 1.25 is written as 1-1.5 or 1/1.5.

  • Payout ratio: Next to the handicap odds, e.g., 0.90, 0.97, 0.81, etc. Players need to grasp this information to calculate winnings or losses when predicting match outcomes.


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